About Us


Excellence In Accessible, Specialty and Community Pharmacy

Our affiliates provide both complex care (specialty biologic, IV and injectable medications) and routine prescriptions under one roof, with one team….in the communities we serve. We believe that patients are better-served by having a knowledgeable team of professionals who work together, rather than using 2 or 3 different pharmacies or nursing services to receive specialty prescription care. Our intent is to carry this model across Canada and build the most patient-friendly, agile, independent, specialty and community pharmacy and nursing services network that Canada has yet seen.

Our Advantages



Our Pharma partners gain access to complete pharmacy and IV services via a skilled network of independent operators who execute programs in key centers under one contract.


Strength of Scale

Working together to gain access to high-cost, high-touch therapies, members can access the scale and resources of a national provider.



Our members are not restricted by exclusive PSP contracts, are independently-owned and operated and are actively engaged with physicians in their communities.

Support Systems

State Of The Art Learning and Data Systems Connect Our Affiliates

Alliance members receive training on specialty medications at the initiation of any collaboration and utilize a central training platform and data management system. Our sites are linked by contracts which allows maintenance of quality and service standards, as required by manufacturers.

Meet Our Affiliate Leaders

 In many geographies across Canada, we are seeking new affiliates. Contact us to learn more.  

Zahid earned his Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmacy from the University of British Columbia in 2000, supplemented by the successful completion of the Community Residency Program at the same institution in 2001. As the founder of Wellness Pharmacy Group, Zahid and his team drive the development of innovative specialties, seamlessly integrating these services into the patient-focused support provided by the pharmacies. Presently, the pharmacy group oversees 11 outlets in the lower mainland, specializing in diverse areas such as MS, Bone Health, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Migraine, Mental Health, Neurology, and Pain. The team’s steadfast commitment to implementing top-tier clinical services is evident in the comprehensive and high-quality offerings provided by Wellness Group of Pharmacies.

Bruce is a native Calgarian and pharmacist, having graduated from the University of Alberta. In 2004, Bruce co-founded Sandstone Pharmacies which he grew to 20 locations in Alberta. While Bruce sold Sandstone Pharmacies to Neighbourly Pharmacy in 2021, he remains very active in pharmacy in Alberta. Together with the team at Sandstone/Neighbourly, Bruce is focused on creating a better patient experience for patients needing complex medication therapies, like biologics and biosimilars. His team has expertise in getting patients started on therapy quickly and his team can support patients across Alberta.

Barri is a local graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Pharmacy and he is one of the Winnipeg Clinic’s long-standing dedicated employees, managing the Winnipeg Clinic Pharmacy since 1999. Located inside one of Canada’s largest multi-specialty clinics with more than 1000 patient daily visits, Barri and his pharmacy team collaborate with numerous health care professionals to provide optimal patient care across all specialty areas including Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Neurology among others.

Karl is a 2004 graduate of the University of Alberta and has been a pharmacy manager for over 15 years in retail, long term care, and now specialty pharmacy settings. In July of 2022, he joined the Vital Health Pharmacy team and is the manager and head pharmacist at the Kelowna location. Open since December 2020, Vital Health Kelowna has filled a niche in the Kelowna market by providing specialty care in areas such as MS, Haematology (iron infusions), Pain, Migraine (Botox, anti CGRP), Rheumatology, and GI.

Jonathan has managed large and small community pharmacies, before co-founding and operating Vital Health Pharmacy in Victoria, BC, in 2013. Jonathan and team at Vital Health focus on specialty areas including MS, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Pain, Migraine, Bone Health, Haematology and Dermatology. Jon studied pharmacy in Saskatoon, and has strong ties to the local medical community after spending his pharmacy career on the west coast of BC.