Alliance Local Rx

Excellence in Independent Specialty
Community Pharmacy and Nursing Services


Full-Service Specialty and Local Pharmacy Excellence

Founded in July 2023 – Alliance Local Rx (the Alliance) is committed to working closely with specialist physicians to provide excellence in complex specialty and routine prescription services at accessible points of care in Canadian communities. The Alliance is a growing, multi-province network of independent pharmacies and nurses. If you do not have an Alliance clinic in your community, please contact us, we want to hear from interested pharmacists, nurses, physicians and patients who would value this service in your community.

Our mission is to provide excellence in specialty prescription and routine healthcare by enabling rapid and seamless access to complex specialty prescriptions (including IV medications) to meet complex care needs. We work closely with manufacturer PSP’s* (Patient Support Programs) to help patients access the right medications, vaccines and services, on a timely basis.


Specialty Pharmacy Services in a Community Setting

Our pharmacy members have developed expertise dealing with complex medication needs, including IV infusions and PSP enrolment, rapid and complex vaccine  work-up, blood draw and lab monitoring, Injections and injection training, first dose clinic monitoring. Our goal is to simplify and streamline patient care by providing accessible, coordinated, community-based services.

Combining Speciality and Community Pharmacy Services at Locations Across Western Canada



Tap into comprehensive services and our streamlined patient experience. We provide both specialty medication needs and routine prescriptions.



Become part of our network of skilled, collaborative experts and build specialty capacity in your community.



Pharma partners gain access to complete pharmacy and IV services via a skilled network of independent operators.